5. LPG system

17th November 2012

Much of the gas system is now installed. I have chosen a twin 11kg bottle system that is installed in the garage.

Here you can see the beginning of the gas cupboard with the two bottles in place. The bottles are filled from outside as you can see from the next two pictures. These are mounted on the near-side of the vehicle, the same side as the diesel filler. Water is on the other side of the vehicle so that there is the minimum chance of getting diesel in the water tank or vice versa!

The gas comes into the cylinders both of which are open and in use. There is an automatic change-over valve that you can see mounted to the underside of the bed. This draws gas from the first tank then, when it is empty, changes over to the next one.









I have bought a full set of filler nozzles as, despite all the bureaucracy of the EU, England is different to France and Italy who are different to Spain. To be fair, there is now a standard fitting. It is just that most filling stations still have the national fitting. The one in the picture is the UK fitting.

The change-over valve is connected to the Regulator by a high pressure orange gas hose. From the regulator, everything has to be in copper pipe. I have used 8mm copper pipe. The regulator is a 30mb version.


As I have shown elsewhere, the gas manifold has to be mounted in the living space where it can be easily accessed. I have mounted it on the inside wall of the middle kitchen unit.

All appliances are connected to the manifold so that they can be independently isolated. In place are the heater, the water boiler and the external BBQ point. In this picture, none of the joints are tightened up as I can confidently predict that the kitchen cabinets will have to be removed at least once more in the fitting of the fridge and oven & hob.

The thermostat for the warm air heater is mounted on the end wall of the kitchen area between waist and shoulder height. It is also about level with my bed and within easy reach! That should help with any cold frosty mornings in the High Atlas in Januarys!

The switch for the hot water boiler is above it. That selects either gas or 240v electric, if available, or both if in that luxurious situation.


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