The last major external fitting is now complete. I have fitted a Fiamma F65S motorhome awning. The result looks really great. It is a sleek item that, when fitted with the specific brackets, makes a very professional appearance.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Movano has to have a roof awning rather than a side-wall mounted item. No doubt, this helps with the weight. The right brackets are very important to prevent the whole thing departing unexpectedly onto the bonnet of the car following. As a result, the brackets are expensive. However, here is the finished job.


It winds out with a nicely made handle that stores in its own clips in the garage. When extended it is 2.5m from the van. This provides a good-sized area of shade, or would do if there was any sun. The two legs can either stand on the ground, as here, or clip to the lower side of the vehicle so that nothing is touching the ground.


I have also fitted the fan-vent in the roof outside the bathroom. This can be set thermostatically either to blow air into, or out of, the van. I imagine that it will be an asset when cooking and showering. So, as far as I can tell, there are no more holes to be cut in the walls and roof of the van and its external appearance is now probably final. Over the next 3 or 4 months of living in it in the Macclesfield area, I shall make progress on the finishing of the interior. This will include the flooring, upholstery, cupboard doors, and the edges and corners of what I have built. Additional lighting will go in the kitchen, sitting area and bedroom. I will also make progress on items, such as mirrors, that you can’t really position until you are using it regularly. Finally, the sound system and navigation equipment will be fitted. By then, I should be ready to start enjoying the results of a year’s hard work.

I look forward to sitting in my new Isabella Comfort chair, under the awning, on a balmy summer’s evening, with a glass of wine and a pipe, listening to the sounds of evening. Bring it on!


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