Let Phase II begin

I didn’t initially identify phases for my project plan. If I had known what a project simply getting out of the house would be, I might have done so. It has been far harder and more strenuous than I ever imagined. Disposing of items acquired over 40 years has challenged me both emotionally and physically, because I have had to do most of it on my own.  Many of the things one values have little monetary value and, after a while, eBay begins to look more of a chore than an opportunity. This came home to me forcibly when I auctioned our Christmas tree complete with extensive decorations and lights. The winning bid was £0.99, probably less than 0.03% of its cost. I reneged! Some of the furniture was sawn up and burnt; charity shops did well out of picture frames and nick-nacs and a local bookshop was swamped when I decided I could no longer stand negotiating with agents and presented it with four packing crates of books! Some of the better items will go into the houses of my family and more into their lofts!

I’m wrecked, but I’m out! I am hugely relieved and excited at the prospect of really moving on with building the motorhome. I have already been in contact with CAK Tanks and made arrangements to have the water tanks and charging & control system fitted. That will take place mid-June and will be the first major system to begin to take shape. I will describe the process in more detail on the Water System page. So, now, in a real sense I can say, let the journey begin. I hope that you will travel with me.

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