There from here. Life’s most difficult Journey.

Most of us have a dream, something that we would love to do. The reality is that for most of us, it remains just that, a dream. No doubt there are many reasons and each individual may be different. But I believe that for most people, the major obstacle to living their dream is getting there from the here and now. Our lives are ordered in such a way as to make the here and now as convenient and pleasant as possible. We live near our work and perhaps near our family. We may have been here for a long while. It may have taken effort and even struggle to get where we are. And all of these things are good. Except that they may make moving towards a dream very difficult.

Some people cannot move on a plan unless they can see every step of the way. This is so limiting as often the later steps can only be seen clearly in concept and will  not make themselves plain until much nearer the time. And because they cannot see the end, they do not start on the journey. Perhaps, it was not their dream. In any event, they are destined to remain where they are.

For the dreamer, there comes a point when the desire to move towards their dream becomes strong and they begin to plan the detail. Today, there is no shortage of information available to help with that plan. Almost anything that one could want to do has been done before. Uniquely, most of it has been documented and can be found on the Internet. There is little excuse for not being able to research and cost every aspect. This research will quicken the desire to embark on the journey and every detail discovered will make the prospect more exciting. The planning  process probably culminates in a fully costed project that has been discussed with others who have gone before. Now is time to start moving. Yet, this is the point as which it starts to get really difficult and is the point where many dreamers come up against intransigent reality.

For me, the point at which I started to battle with that reality was when I decided to leave this house and move into my motorhome. Over the past 45 years I have accumulated those things that make a house a home, lots of memories of people, particularly my five children. I have the normal range of furniture, from sofas to a dining table and an abnormal collection of books, ranging from books collected when I was at school to books inherited from my parents and grand-parents. I have also accumulated many pictures. In themselves, these things are good and it has been a pleasure to own them and enjoy them. But good though these things are, they are a major obstacle to my dream. I have chosen, for reasons that I have discussed in ‘About Me’, to live in a motorhome in southern Europe where the pace of life is slower, the sun is not a stranger, and I can enjoy life at my leisure. All of these ‘things’ are conspiring to make it as difficult as it can be to move on.

Some time ago, I acknowledged that I would have to put some things into store. I do not want to pay storage charges for the next twenty years and so will move them on to the lofts of my family, who have kindly offered to help. Over the past few days I have become increasingly ruthless in casting off things which, only a few weeks ago, I could not have considered losing. In doing so, I have come to understand a release, even a freedom, that a less encumbered life brings. I consider that I have crossed a personal Rubicon burning the ‘boats’ on the other side, so that when I come back, if I come back, it will be to a different life. The same is true of this house. I have long felt that, as long as I live in England, I will live here. But now I am leaving and again, there is a tremendous sense of relief at no longer being tied to this piece of land; this particular hill top. Every now and then, I glimpse a completely new freedom; the freedom to wander. I still have a difficult few weeks finishing here but it is only a few weeks. At the start of June, I shall be lodging with a friend for a while as I continue to build the van so that from August I can be living in it. Already I can feel a new lightness of spirit and excitement at making progress. I am overcoming intransigent reality and soon my dream will become my new reality. I will have made the journey and crossed over. So, dream you dreamers; your dream may be nearer than you thought.

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